Before you start asking whats wrong with me and why I have an obsession with french titles,

though i only have two in my recent posts, this being the second one,someone has to be thinking that right?…or maybe nah….but hold up for a minute and give me the time of day/ or night depending on when you’re reading this. french titles just seem to be more alluring don’t you think?…or maybe it’s just the thirst for the unknown?…(yeah! surprise i haven’t exactly studied french.😱..(baby steps ie…shout out to the quizlet app for being my first step to being a french guru)

initially, I started this blog as a way of reaching out to the public, the whole let your art be shared buzz. it was a means to pour out my depressed soul and i don’t know why but there’s a ted talk about how depression and sadness drives creativity…go figure…(y’all should definitely watch it)

so I had all these unfinished posts lying around from mega ideas but i was just lacking the spark to complete or get over and done with them already…my waking thoughts were always whyyyyyyy cant i write😨😒!! Anyone know the feeling when you literally go to YouTube to look for try not to cry challenges or sad videos….those instances you go to Instagram and search for depressed hashtags and they give you the “are you going through something” notification…and “we’re here to help” “need to talk to someone”….which are really helpful coz then you’d go like…(for those with sarcastic humor)” at least Instagram cares right?” don’t get me wrong i also go searching for try not to laugh videos…though some of them aren’t as funny. and speaking of which…or should i say typing of which😂…pardon my anhydrous sense of high school humor, i have a random guilty pleasure to share with you guys…its not guilty though lol its just interesting, i think. Of late I’ve been watching Indian stand up comedy…shout out to my Indian friend who obviously knows who they are who also didn’t introduce me to this whyyy??😂…most of them are really hilarious despite the random Indian words in between that i don’t understand. what can i say…i have an insatiable curiosity for diverse cultures …i digress:)

aventure….or should I say adventure…


humans were created in such a way that we can loco-mote, adapt and conquer…🚶

so why stay in one place?, live in a box? yeah houses 🏡  are there…and rooms do resemble boxes buut…that’s why we have doors 🚪 ….so you can get out and see the world 🌍 and have a place to come back and rest refresh reminisce and repeat right?


Live, life is short not in terms of time 🕒 but in terms of what you do with it…don’t be afraid to lose yourself (whaduup one republic reference!!) 😂😝however…caution…disclaimer whatever…with people you trust 🔗 , those who’ve more than proved that your life is priceless 💰  and wont do anything to jeopardize your safety. find the right people or if you’re lucky they’ll find you…and if you’re blessed😇 you’ll just bump into each other.:):)😂

so here’s to the friends who are nothing short of amazing and my french vocab is short on the words I can use here..but lemme go ask google real quick… 🏃

🚶 aaand I’m back



Je vous remercie

merci pour tout

and I hope that we’ll still be making memories when i can write a full french sentence without copy pasting from google and quizlet referencing and stop typing in what i was told is known as “textbook french”😄

So….signing out…that’s all I have for today…not…i just can’t get myself to type the rest and  the point of this blog post was to get you out of your seat, out of that door , running,driving, walking ,skating ,swimming,flying whatever sort of transportation means you can conjure and go where the horizon takes you. it’s a small world, and getting smaller with each tech minute so get out there while you still can…the world does exist past a worldwide URL address.


and while were on the url topic…this wouldnt be a post if i didnt give you guys music links to listen to as you venture into the horizons so here goes nothing:

you can make suggestions for songs in the comments…and Ill be sure to check them out. Stay linked in  🔗  😎

As always thanks so much for taking the time to read this and dont’ forget to share…



3 Comments Add yours

  1. rodmer says:

    I love your blog post and agree with you 🙌🙌. Life should be about having fun, exploring with those you care about and getting to know yourself in a much deeper level.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. coyier says:

    ce’st superb!!!!
    bitchachos I love it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Camilla says:

    This kinda makes me realise how depressing my life is at the moment and how to change that. I loooooove thiiiiis……. You go girl!


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