Heeey!! how lovely of you to come back…first timers, welcome to the family.Today’s piece is as random as i can get ie. very 😝 . i thought of doing something today to… well make your reading experience worth while. so here goes my recommendation. i usually write with music blaring through my eardrums and stormy makes the experience so much more thrilling. so as you read on.. and i shut up 😯…listen to Taking off by ONE OK ROCK….they’re an amazing band and this song is an epic fit for this piece….

PS… just in-case the song ends before you finish reading, just play it on loop😁.aaaand what are you waiting for?

dive in and sink your teeth into this….

love y’all💕💕

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Dear Chimera,

First time i heard of you, was as almost every teenager in a series and like most, i definitely had a crush on the characters and 100% of a crush on Dylan O’Brien😍.(lol😂, cant believe i just admitted that on the internet but oh well, who doesn’t have crushes right?)

You took over one of my least favorite characters in the series and for that i thank you.(and the Teen Wolf crew🙊 ).

later on, i heard of you various times, in movies and cryptic books where you were passwords and keys to secret places.Being a person in total awe of fiction and her beauty, i never knew how real you could be.


it was cold…

not just the wind that howled in the emptiness around her,

the shadows, the icy night air that clung to her skin, that had her hairs standing on end…

but the cold that was within her

she couldn’t think straight,

shed slowly made her way from the crowds

no one broke down in public

away from the blurred faces and fake smiles

now she stared at the aging walls of the safe harbor that was this corner

wondering how many lost souls it had harbored in its refuge

her heart and her soul were in turmoil

and what hurt is that she couldn’t pin point the cause,

or rather she could

she just thought it was better to hold on and to hurt than to let go and not feel anything at all

and the irony of it all was that she still put up a facade of numbness

or at least she tried to.

You were everything to her

you were the shooting star that made its way into her galaxy

and like all shooting stars

you came crashing and burning through her

creating hollowness in her crater as your meteorite grazed through

it was strange

the pain that came with it

the emptiness in the hollow but in a weird way you were the one alien rock she valued

because it made her realize just how empty the space you occupy had been before.

but you don’t realize it do you?

the same way that shooting star had no idea where the heck it was going

or the effects it had on the galaxy it was falling into.


most of it was in her head,

but was it her fault that she found it hard to forget anything that had to do with you?

you hardly open up

the Stockholm syndrome that you harbor

revealing secrets at a snail pace while she would give everything to let the hurricane inside her loose

but that’s not the way it works

its a two way traffic

so she lets the hurricane kill her slowly from the inside

to keep you alive , for you were the one island in her sea of turmoil that she did not want to destroy.

Oh Chimera

one made out of several pieces of foreign bliss

she put you together in her head

so the castles she built in the air would be of substance

and would not fall apart and crumble like the pieces of her soul did

when she watched you walk away

when she needed you the most

you were all her stars combined

the one person that made her feel a thousand different ways at once

oh Chimera

according to the dictionary

you were an illusion

impossible to achieve

false hopes

and there is no such thing

there is only hope and the absence of hope

you were real to her

Dear chimera

these are the words she said in her refuge

I’m sorry for not being who you wanted me to be,

you’ll never know how much i tried

and for all its worth here i am trying again

I’m sorry i keep on coming back

barefoot through these shards of glass

but these scars of mine

they hold what i don’t have,

they hold the memories that never were ,

of me and you

and through the tear rimmed eyes ,shaky hands

hurricane thoughts blurred vision chocked tears and hollow craters…

the life force flowed out of her

and into your memorytr2

so she could take you wherever she went

she held on to whatever torturous bond was tugging at her soul to save you

she gained composure, pulled herself back together

the best way she could and walked back into the crowd

no one noticed she was gone

not even you

and she didn’t let go,no,..

she held on to her sanity

as you approached,

she smiled

you held her hand

curiosity killed the cat

curiosity forgot it has nine lives

it will not die

oh chimera

you and i shall fall from the sky

or i shall fall alone

but my life will not come to an end

i will live on in the life force that bled to paint the masterpieces on your white flawless walls


and in your mind

for you shall see me in every lonely corner

feel how i gasp for breath in every chocked tear

and you will stare at your stained masterpiece walls

and you will cry for my soul to return

through the ticks and tocks of times aging clocks

this one shall not die

she lives on in the galaxies in your eyes

the mysteries of books you will write

people will ask why your eyes are longing, empty and full

and you will smile that charming smile of yours and say

i once had it all ,

and now i long for the artist that painted my life red

added life to my monochrome.




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  1. Camilla says:

    😍😍😍😍😍 I absolutely love this… You truly do not disappoint…. Christ…i need your autograph on my forehead…. Share? You bet i will


    1. njerimwaura says:

      thanks Camilla 🙂


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