Go forth and seek ‘the chosen one’…and choose wisely.



I am paint splashed walls and graffiti 


.the world does exist past a worldwide URL address.

Vows…(part 1)

To love and to hold It’s been five years.. Yes I counted Because i never thought a span of so few years could feel like an eternity until you gave me a reason to look back That’s how it works isn’t it… The journey’s never too long The field never too large The distance never…


she put you together in her head
so the castles she built in the air would be of substance

Roadkill…trick or treat;)

some call them demons

the voices in my head

i call them angels instead

for there are the fallen

and there are the righteous


surface area to volume ratio, finally found a theory that relates, To big hearts that love too much Or care too soon That get most affected by the passing drifts, I never had this feeling before, I guess that’s why it’s called some type of way You can’t explain it or how it came to…

Ami- Navire

Sailing, ill be honest with you, Never have i ever, My knowledge of the matter is equivalent to how well i can pronounce my title… and i don’t speak french…yet;) the closest i have come to sailing was what feels like ages ago, on a boat I was nine or eight at the time and…

Grey areas 😂

There’s a first time for everything, The saying does go… And each time it comes around Knocking at our doors, Or barging in… Looking back… The stories get funnier each time We relieve past lives… And for each artist Has their own weird way… Here’s mine… 2060… She’s the grandma with greying hair And the…


I wanted to finally post something today. Its been quite a while… i know…and most of all I’m sorry. I watched a Ted talk the other day( that’s where Ive been all this time)..(nooo…well maybe…but back to the point of it all…) for those who’d like to watch it its  by Adam grant.. something about…

VOID empire…

Her heart was deeply scared , Her mind restless, she knew it all along , there were questions she sought answers to, questions that she asked herself day in, nights out, The answers wouldn’t let her in,, wouldn’t give her peace, so she foraged, she hunted, she sought , in the brightest of days ,,…

URGE…Purpose….is my wish for you today<3

We were put on this earth for a reason,we weren’t just another bombshell dropped. then again, bombshells are dropped for a reason too…anyway, that’s besides the point. Purpose… that’s what they call it. its what everyone is chasing really even Justin had his album titled purpose he was looking for it he found it in…